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Ravelin Group Defensive Firearms Training
Illinois Concealed Carry (ILCCF) Firearm Instruction
RavelinGroup Cold Weather Carbine Course January 20, 2018

Upcoming Classes

Cold Weather Carbine Course | January 20, 2018
Watertown Conservation Club, Watertown, WI 53094

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IL Concealed Carry License Certification | 16 hour - 2 Day Class
JANUARY 27 and FEBRUARY 3, 2018

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Ravelin Group Defensive Handgun Training
Ravelin Group Defensive Handgun Training
Ravelin Group Introductory Defensive Shotgun Training
Ravelin Group Introductory Defensive Shotgun Training
Ravelin Group Defensive Firearm Training

Defensive Firearms Training

Train with Ravelin Group

  • Master gun handling fundamentals
  • Broaden home defense / concealed carry skills
  • Individual and small group courses 

Our live-fire Defensive Firearms Training is structured to adapt to the student's skill level. We offer a variety of defensive firearms training courses including:

2 Hour (eveining) classes:
  • Awarness and Self-Defense
  • Home Defense / Firearm Familiarization
  • Before You Buy: What to Consider Before Purchasing a Defensive Firearm
4 Hour (half-day) classes:
  • Individual range instruction (handgun, shotgun, rifle)
8 Hour (full-day) classes:
  • Defensive Handgun for Small Groups
  • Defensive Rifle for Small Groups
  • Defensive Shotgun for Small Groups
  • Scenario Based Force-on-Force Airsoft Training for Small Group
16 Hour (two day) classes:
  • Small Group Defensive Firearms Training from Introductory through Advanced Levels. 

All training is lead by Ravelin Group owner, Steve Camp who is a Certified NRA instructor in Home Firearm Safety, Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun and an Illinois Concealed Carry Instructor. Steve's extensive defensive firearms training experience spans 3 decades in training civilians, law enforcement and the military. Steve draws on strong, decades-long relationships in firearm training and in the firearms industry as an instructor, innovator and manufacturer. As a defensive firearms training professional, he is vigilant in seeking out products and methods that enhance defensive firearms training, safety and competency. 

Ravelin Group's instructors can custom-tailor a class for individuals and small groups; beginning through advanced level training.  We come to your location or range.

CONTACT US or call 630-834-4423 to check availability and schedule course dates.