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Safe Direction® Academy Pad™ Successful Ballistic Containment Stories

Safe Direction® Academy Pad™ Success Story:

"I purchased a Safe Direction® Academy Pad™ two and a half years ago. It lives on the closet floor of my gun safe. When I am home, I keep a loaded .45 with a spare magazine next to my bed. In the morning, I return the gun to the safe, and lock it up while I’m out of the house. This morning, I decided to take the .45 to the range after work, so I needed to unload it for transport. I picked up the gun, and got distracted for a moment. When I returned partial attention to what I was doing, I spied the spare magazine, and assuming it was the primary magazine removed from the gun, I racked the slide and ejected the chambered cartridge. Still preoccupied, I neglected to perform a chamber check. Out of habit, I walked to the Safe Direction Academy Pad with my “unloaded” gun, put the muzzle against the black center, and pulled the trigger. You know, nothing will bring you back with full and total attention to the immediate present like the unexpected report of a .45 – in your closet at 5 A.M.!


For a moment, I looked at the gun dumbly, puzzled as to how it could have happened. When I discovered the primary magazine still in place, I realized what I’d done. What I didn’t do, however, is damage myself or anything else. The Safe Direction pad completely and safely stopped the Corbon DPX tactical .45 round. Floor, walls, fingers, toes and pets… all intact. It also muffled the sound – no frightened neighbors.


I am embarrassed, but none worse for wear, thanks to your fine product. I have ordered a new one already. I won’t be without it! And having learned my lesson so dramatically, I hope never to have to repeat my thanks or my order.


I’m happy to return the “used” pad to you, but without the bullet. I dug that out. It’s sitting on my desk as a constant reminder." 

“It happens to us all sooner or later and I’ve never been so glad as when I heard he was using the Safe Direction® Academy Pad™.”

Safe Direction Academy Pad: Arrow indicates initial 9mm discharge
Arrow indicates initial 9mm discharge

"Wish I'd had one years ago, my life would have been different."